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» Larson Electronics Releases a 60 Watt Low Canopy LED Light

Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 60 watt low canopy LED light with a removable glare shield. The GAU-LB-600E offers high light output from a compact form factor that is designed to provide a more durable and longer lived alternative to 500 watt quartz lights.

» San’an Opto Factories Run 24h to Meet Client Demands

While most factories had closed their doors for the night yesterday, over 300 San’an Optoelectronic (San’an Opto) employees were hard at work burning the midnight oil, to pump out new wafers to meet increasing demands.

» Osram Launches Light Engine for Highly Compact LED Luminaires Application

Osram, in collaboration with the Munich luminaire manufacturer Markgraf Licht, has developed an LED track spotlight that requires no external control unit.

» GE’s Launches Lumination™ BR Series LED for Commercial Lighting

Commercial ceilings in need of a refresh now have the option to do so more beautifully and efficiently with GE’s Lumination™ BR Series LED Luminaire with dimming functionality.

» Eaton’s LED Lighting Solutions Enhance Energy Efficiency and Optical Performance in Mumbai Airport’s New Terminal

Power management company Eaton today announced that more than 4.8 km – totaling nearly three miles – of the io™ light-emitting diode (LED) lights from its Cooper Lighting Division have been installed in Terminal 2 (T2) of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, India.

» Smart Lighting Opens Development Possibilities for LED Industry

Looking at the current lighting market, smart lighting has already become a new product that manufacturers such as Philips are rushing to release.

» LG Chem Collaborated with AB ROGERS Design on OLED Architectural Installation

LG Chem and Ab Rogers Design have collaborated on a project to apply OLED light to an architectural installation, the OLED Tree Bar.

» LakePoint Sporting Community in Georgia Receives LED Lighting System Upgrade

LakePoint Sporting Community, the world’s largest sports vacation destination, has partnered with the leading innovator of sports lighting solutions, Musco Lighting, to provide a LED lighting system for enhanced playability and energy efficiency.

» Chinese Media Reveal Apple iPhone 6 Release Date

Apple’s Chinese suppliers have leaked that the new iPhone 6 will begin mass production next month, reported Bloomberg. Increasing competition from other smartphone makers may have pressured the company into early production.

» Aoto Electronics LED Display Gross Profits Soar with World Cup Kick Off

Soccer fans long anticipated 2014 Brazil World Cup games has taken the globe by storm. Many fans might have noted the LED ad displays decorating the 12 stadiums at Rio de Janeiro.

» VOLT- Lighting Introduces New Line of Integrated LED Recessed Downlights

Lighting announced today the addition of a new line of energy-efficient integrated LED Recessed Lighting . These LED fixtures are designed to replace existing incandescent or halogen bulbs and the recessed reflectors and rings that house them.

» southampton to install LED Floodlighting at St Mary Stadium Ahead of 2015 Season

The new lighting system will be in place for the coming campaign with the club moving in line with Premier League requirements for a higher level of light output.