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» LED light panel Part number and Item number corresponding

Part number and Item number corresponding, 200x200WDA, 300x300WDA, 600x600WDA, CR090WDA, CR120WDA, 300x1200WDA, 600x1200WDA

» Foxconn Invested US$146 Million in LED-Related Ventures

Foxconn did not specify what sector of the LED supply chain it plans to invest in, but most people believe it is LED lighting fixtures.

» Cree’s New XLamp® XP-G2 LEDs Deliver 20 Percent Efficiency Increase in the XP Footprint

Cree, Inc. introduces the XLamp® XP-G2 LED to deliver luminaire manufacturers up to 20 percent more lumens per watt and 2.5 times the lumens-per-dollar over the original XP-G LED.