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» Christmas Lights Trivia

Philips Lighting blogger Monique Cousineau publishes an interesting Christmas lights trivia article on the lighting giant’s website. How many questions can you get right? Below is the full blog entry: Christmas is less than a month away and I’m hearing …

» RAB Lighting Introduces the LPANEL Line of Affordable LED Panels

RAB Lighting announces the availability of LPANEL, its new line of LED panel fixtures. Designed with high performance and affordability in mind, the new LPANEL products deliver ultra smooth edge-to-edge light in a modern design. LPANEL breaks new ground in …

» Hubble Offers Full Range Dimming Option for Popular CX Lighting Control Panels

Hubbell Lighting announced its latest energy-saving dimming controls solution—Hubbell Building Automation’s new CX Dimming Option Card. Now, any of Hubbell Building Automation’s popular, low-cost CX Lighting Control Panels are fully dimmable. The new CX Dimming Option Card provides 0-10v full …

» Philips Releases Next Generation Jump LED Luminaire

Philips Ledalite has taken sustainable architectural lighting design to new heights. How you ask? With Jump’s breakthrough advancements in LED optical performance and controls integration, combined with unparalleled design flexibility. This fan favorite and award winning LED luminaire has been …

» Epistar Chair Talks about Revenue Prospect and Industry Trends-LEDforum 2013

When asked about his views for the LED industry in the next few years, B.J. Lee Epistar chairman said during an interview at LEDforum 2013 that he expects to see steady revenue growth for the company and the continual restructure of the LED industry.

» Design in LED Automotive Lighting Is Becoming Aggressive

When new technological advances come along in car design, the engineers rarely get it right the first time around. The current trend of LED lights on vehicles is no different. When they first started showing up on new automobiles, they generally looked downright silly.

» Everlight Obtains 1,000 Granted Patents

Everlight Obtains 1,000 Granted Patents

» Philips Predicts Indian LED Lighting Market to Grow to $478 million

According to Philips Electronics India, the Indian LED lighting market is expected to touch $478 million by 2015 from the current $101 million in 2011.”

» Olympic Lighting Schemes in London’s Bridges to Retain

Some most famous bridges in London are to retain the Olympic architectural lighting scheme following a detailed evaluation of costs.

» Philips Builds Lighting Experience Centre in Singapore

Philips has launched the first-of-its-kind Lighting Experience Centre (LEC) in Singapore. Spread over 4,640 square feet, LEC demonstrates the application of light in various urban scenarios.

» Six Tips about LED panel lights

Well-designed and -manufactured LED panel light are rated to last 50,000 hours (at least 30,000 hours), or at least 20 years based on eight hours’ use a day.

» Osram’s Survey: LED Lamps are Popular in Germany

According to EU regulations, after 1 September incandescent lamps may no longer be brought onto the market. And it will bring new opportunity to LED development. To learn Germany consumers’ attitudes toward to LEDs, the opinion research institute forsa on behalf of Osram has conducted a representative survey.