Larson Electronics Releases a 60 Watt Low Canopy LED Light
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Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 60 watt low canopy LED light with a removable glare shield. The GAU-LB-600E offers high light output from a compact form factor that is designed to provide a more durable and longer lived alternative to 500 watt quartz lights.

The GAU-LB-600E low canopy LED light is a low profile, low heat lighting option that produces 5,400 lumens of light while drawing only 0.5 amps on 120 volts AC. This 60 watt LED light produces a far superior beam spread without the high heat, fragile construction, or high energy costs of incandescent lighting. These lights are assembled on a light board that consists of 45 CREE LEDs paired with high purity optics to produce a wide light distribution. The unique assembly of this light includes three separate light boards; a center board that shines the light straight forward and two 45° light boards, creating the most optimal beam spread possible for low canopy lights. This fixture is designed to withstand demanding conditions and is waterproof, vapor proof and built to resist the damaging effects of an outdoor environment. Mounting hardware consists of a stainless steel coated bracket that provides 360° rotation and 180° tilt to allow the user to position the unit as desired once mounted. This unit is designed to operate with voltages ranging from 110VAC to 277VAC, providing versatile power connection options. There is no glass or filament to shatter or break, and the solid state LED design provides 50,000 hours of operation.

“The separate light board configuration featured on this unit makes them ideal for monuments, marinas, docks, malls, hallways, and billboards,” said Rob Bresnahan with “This unit is a great replacement for 500 watt quartz lights and requires less power to operate.”

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