GE Lighting Helps Grocery-Convenience Stores Slash Energy Costs for Refrigerated Display Cases
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As grocery and food retailers continue to look for ways to increase profit margins by curbing costs, many are finding a solution in their refrigerated display cases. Replacing traditional fluorescent tubes in refrigerated display cases with energy-efficient LED fixtures from GE Lighting is adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars* in annual savings. They also make products more attractive to shoppers by immersing food and beverages in crisp, white, uniform light.

GE Lighting recently helped a large grocery chain and a convenience-store chain achieve these benefits by outfitting their display cases with GE’s Immersion™ LEDs.

Wawa Finds Convenience in GE Immersion™ LED Lighting
When Wawa, Inc. (Wawa, Penn.) was searching for simple-to-install refrigerated case lighting, it discovered the answer in Immersion™ RV30 LED technology from GE Lighting. GE helped Wawa drive down lighting costs at more than 600 locations across the Mid-Atlantic region. As a result, the company now spends $1 million less each year to illuminate in-store cases.

With the help of GE Lighting distributor Facility Solutions Group (FSG), Wawa installed 4,000K Immersion™ LED lighting in refrigerated cooler and freezer cases in its remaining 590 locations.

Food City Puts a Freeze on Refrigerated Case Lighting Costs
Food City (Abington, Va.) operates 104 supermarket outlets in the tri-state regions of Southeast Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. Fed up with the high energy costs and maintenance hassles of fluorescent fixtures in its refrigerated and frozen cases, the grocer recently upgraded to Immersion™ RV40 LED lighting in 7,400 display case doors across 89 stores. Bright, sparkling coolers now command shoppers’ attention, while Food City will see a more than $300,000 savings in annual utility costs.

Round LED Panel Light    Square LED Panel Light    Rectangle LED Panel

Using advanced optics, the Immersion™ RV40 system greatly diminishes glare and light spillover into aisles at Food City locations, while helping bring to life the full vibrancy of food packaging colors.

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