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Philips has launched the first-of-its-kind Lighting Experience Centre (LEC) in Singapore. Spread over 4,640 square feet, LEC demonstrates the application of light in various urban scenarios.

The concept provides planners, architects and lighting designers with a unique hands-on experience that showcases how LED lighting can help rejuvenate a city environment.

Philips believes that LED lighting can create the right ambiance as well as provide sustainable, energy-efficient solutions to highlight and emphasize iconic buildings, public installations, urban landscapes and even in the retail environments.

Basics Room
At the exhibit display, the Basics Room demonstrates the fundamentals of lighting and discusses the basics of LED lighting, its applications and the future possibilities. The dynamic display of scenarios is showcased in a fun and educational way to visitors so they can see what light can do.

City Area Lighting
The City Area Lighting is emerging as an integral component of urban design. It addresses the two functions of aesthetics and safety, which interplay with each other to make or break a streetscape at night. The demonstration provides visitors with different possibilities of LED lighting and its impact on outdoor walkways and public places. The display enables people to experiment with different lighting scenarios that can bring out the best impact on landscapes and installations.

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The landmarks that encapsulate a city’s individuality are the lifeblood of that city. The City area of the Philips LEC showcases the impact of light in enhancing the architecture of a city.

LED lighting solutions enable urban planners to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city and allow them to do it in a way that is sustainable.

Building Lighting area
The Building Lighting area showed a modern building façade, which provides a number of challenges and the way light is used is different depending on the materials and textures. The area showcases a comparison of LED lighting on a modern building façade versus a traditional building façade.

Retail Lighting
At Retail Lighting, Philips shows how lightings can be set up on retail stores and supermarkets. Most supermarkets devote a special section to fresh fruits, vegetables and meats—a place where freshness is the upmost importance. Retailers take pride to ensure proper lighting is done to let the produce look their natural best.

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The LEC Supermarket area helps planners get a better understanding on the impact of light on different types of food.

It has been proven that lighting plays a significant role in the display of products and impacts how a product looks. An example is the use of white light—while it can make fish look fresh, it has a reverse impact on meats, which look better under yellow light.

In this area, visitors experience the ideal way to present merchandise in the best possible lighting settings. Lighting has been found to play significant role in creating a shop’s brand identity while making products look impressive and boost sales. The display demonstrates the various scenarios of lighting that would typically vary while selling ornaments and watches compared to selling clothes and gadgets.

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