ThinkLite Launches High Output Driverless T8 and T5 Tubes
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Enhanced performance is the result of ThinkLite’s proprietary driverless design. Until now, all LED tubes required an internal or external driver, which consisted of an array of over 150 electronic components. Generating significant heat, they limit the actual light output that could be achieved. ThinkLite engineers were able to replace the traditional LED driver with a single microchip to power the LEDs, thereby, performing the same functions with virtually no heat and much higher efficiency. ThinkLite has also enhanced the surface area of the heat sink enabling the chips to be driven at unprecedented levels.

“ThinkLite’s driverless technology redefines the effectiveness of the LED tube. T8 and T5 tubes can now provide equivalent light levels of a fluorescent lamp, while reducing energy consumption by 60% and increasing the lifespan by over 3 times, all at an affordable price!” said Dinesh Wadhwani, ThinkLite CEO.

While there are many choices in the linear led tube market these days, ThinkLite LED tubes are the first to actually replicate the light levels of even new fluorescent tubes while reducing energy consumption by 60%. ThinkLite’s LED tubes are also available in lengths from 2 foot to 8 foot, thereby ensuring that any existing fixture can be retrofitted. The Company has also introduced a 2 foot LED U-shaped tube which can be used in many common office building fixtures, as well as a first of its kind Dual Shine T8 tube that generates both direct and indirect light, an ideal retrofit for fixtures that provide light in both directions.

Additional benefits include, a 65,000-hour lifespan, instant on/off, 5 year warranty and the highest efficacy of any tube on the market. And, with both UL and DLC approvals, ThinkLite’s LED tubes qualify for many utility rebate programs thus assuring a quick return on investment.

“In the same way that Tesla has re-invented the electric car, ThinkLite challenges traditional thinking and has re-invented the LED tube light,” added Danny Wadhwani, ThinkLite COO/CFO. “ThinkLite tubes are superior to any LED tube currently commercially available. Why change the fixtures when you can simply change the lamps?” adds Wadhwani.

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