Samsung and Sony Go Head to Head with Curved LED TVs
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This year is the start of a new era in TV with both Samsung and Sony unveiling curved designs. Technology giants Sony and Samsung both highlighted their newest curved TV designs at IFA 2013. Samsung’s curved OLED TV ignited the trend in curved TV screens when it was announced back in June that the new TVs will be available in stores by the 28th. The concept behind the design is to expand the user’s field of vision giving them a feeling of being enveloped for a truly cinematic viewing experience.

Samsung unveiled their new UHD TV at this years IFA in Berlin, Germany. (LEDinside/ Samsung UHD OLED TV)
A few months after revealing the world’s first curved OLED TV, Samsung went one step further and announced the curved UHD TV, a combination of ultra HD and vibrant OLED displays. Not to be out done, Sony also unveiled its curved LED HDTV at IFA yesterday. With its slightly curved screen and TRILUMINOS display, the set gives viewers an almost IMAX-like experience.

The UHD TV by Samsung is offered in 55-and 65-inch screens with more size options available in the future depending on consumer demands. Sony’s LED HDTV has a 65-inch screen. Both tech giants take the standard 16:9 aspect ratio design and kick it up a notch to increase user’s view of vision, perfect for gamers and movie lovers alike.

Sony’s curved LED TV screans gives viewers an almost IMAX-like experience.(LEDinside/ Sony LED TV)

Much like its predecessors the 3D sets, the curved set is still plagued with view angle problems. Although not much of the image and color quality will be lost when viewed from other angels, the spot for the best viewing experience is still dead center. However, the sweet spot problem is not a deal breaker as the pros still ultimately out-weigh the cons.

With a relatively low preorder price of US$4,000, the Sony curved LED TV is not out of range for most consumers while its Samsung counterpart comes at a hefty price of US$9,000.

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