Panasonic Announces to Stop Production of Incandescent Bulbs on October 31
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Because Japanese government urges manufactures and retailers to promote the application of LED bulbs as well as the series of LED bulbs tends to complete, Panasonic has announced to stop production of incandescent bulbs used in household market before October 31th, 2012. Compared to the deadline that the company has planned to stop on 31th, March in 2013, it has aheaded of schedule by half year.

According to Panasonic, the number of LED bulbs produced by the company has achieved to 48, however, the number of incandescent bulbs has greatly dropped from 207 in 2008 to 4. In the mean time, its competitors Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric have already to stop production of incandescent bulbs.

Since 1936, the output of incandescent bulbs manufactured by Panasonic has amounted to 3.3 billion. And lighting has 20% share in the whole electric power demand in Japan. If all of incandescent bulbs are replaced by LEDs or LED light panels  or energy lightings, it will greatly reduce the consumption of electric power. Currently, the share of low efficient lights achieves to 60% in Japanese lighting market.

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