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» Samsung and Osram Gave up the Plan for LED JV

According to Maeil Business Newspaper reported Monday, citing securities and information-technology industry officials, Samsung Electronics and Osram AG have scrapped earlier plan to set up a joint venture to develop LED technology.

» Cree Announces the EDGE High Output LED Series Delivering Game-Changing Performance and Savings

Featuring patented NanoOptic® technology, THE EDGE H.O. luminaire precisely distributes light where you want it – meaning customers only pay for the light required.

» Osram and Samsung reach global settlement over LED patent suits

According to OSRAM AG, the company and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. have reached an agreement to settle all patent suits between them worldwide. The patent suits have been filed in various countries amongst others Germany, South Korea and in the United States of America.

» Cree and SemiLEDs end LED patent litigation

Cree has prevailed in its LED patent dispute with SemiLEDs, with the latter company agreeing to an injunction preventing sale of the offending LED products from October, as well as paying damages.