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Cree has signed a non-exclusive worldwide license agreement with China’s Hangzhou Naijing Technologies Ltd (NNCrystal US Corp.), according to reports by Semiconductor Today and Compound Semiconductor

The court rendered judgments in favor of Nichia’s claims for permanent injunction, also rendering an accounting and damages.

Seoul Semiconductor, a global LED manufacturer, has announced that Acrich2 LED modules powered by AC are now achieving luminous efficacies of 140lm/W, nearly a 20% upgrade from previous versions.

Researchers in Okinawa Japan have developed a communication system which uses LED lights as a medium for underwater communication. The device works by first taking sound and converting it into a light signal. The LED light will then transmit the signal to the other person’s receiver where it is reverted back to sound.

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Dual-color Lasers Could Lead to Cheap and Efficient LED lighting

Cree reports that the LED efficacy was measured at 276 lumens per watt, at a correlated color temperature of 4401 K and 350 mA.

Veeco recently announced that, due to the ongoing accounting review announced on November 15, 2012, the Company is unable to report revenue and earnings information for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2012.

Samsung has filed a patent invalidation lawsuit against LG in an intellectual property (IP) tribunal in their homeland.The former now asks the tribunal to invalidate several LG OLED patents and consequently drop the patent infringement case.